Flight of the Bees

These creatures are necessary for hundreds of ecosystems to thrive and survive – where are they going? This panel will discuss how bees interact with the environment and the use of pesticides and insecticides in the agricultural field. It will also address conservation efforts, what is working and what’s not, and if there are any ways to fix the problem legislatively or legally.

  • Zack Lemann, Audubon Nature Institute 

Zack Lemann was born and raised in New Orleans and attended Duke University where he earned degrees in both History and Anthropology.  He began working for the Audubon Nature Institute in 1992 and has been there ever since. For about 8 years, during construction of Audubon Insectarium, Zack served as the point person for animal acquisitions and scientific content and also worked on exhibit design ideas. With the facility now open, Zack’s responsibilities as curator include overseeing exhibits and presentation areas using live animals. Z w Dfly summer_2014[2].jpegWith a combination of zoo/museum experience, biology master’s degree coursework from the University of New Orleans, field experience and personal contacts with professionals in various natural history fields, Zack has gained a wealth of information about insects and their relatives.  Sharing this knowledge has been a passion of his for over two decades, and Zack is now a requested speaker and presenter at many events both in New Orleans and around the United States.  Zack’s primary animal interest is in spiders, which he studied while in graduate school at the University of New Orleans.  However, Zack is better known in local circles as a “bug chef.”  In addition to speaking about – and cooking – bugs at various Audubon Nature Institute events, he has been on national television programs as well including “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno,” “Today,” and segments on Discovery Channel, National Geographic Channel, and The Food Network, to name a few.

  • Jay Martin 

Jay Martin is a local Bee Keeper and Honey harvester in the New Orleans area.