Every year, the students who organize the Summit choose members of the New Orleans or Louisiana community they would like to honor for their service to environmental issues.

BorahWilliam E. Borah, 2016 Recipient of the Tulane Summit on Environmental Law & Policy Award

We are honored to present the 2016 Tulane Summit on Environmental Law & Policy Award to William E. Borah in recognition of his lifetime service in environmental advocacy and historical preservation. A graduate of Tulane Law School, Mr. Borah has dedicated his career to transportation and land use issues. He is well known for successfully leading the charge to oppose the construction of an elevated, six-lane interstate highway along the Vieux Carre riverfront in front of Jackson Square. His accomplishments include establishing the Riverfront Transit Coalition, drafting amendments to New Orleans Home Rule Charter, and successfully opposing the construction of a bridge at Napoleon Avenue that would have sliced uptown New Orleans in half. Mr. Borah serves a President of Smart Growth for Louisiana, a nonprofit corporation dedicated to reforming the planning processes of New Orleans and Louisiana. We would like to acknowledge Mr. Borah’s contributions to environmental law and to the city of New Orleans, both of which are too numerous to list. His work has helped to preserve and improve the beauty and character of the city we call home, and we thank him for his continued service as a leader and an inspiration for the New Orleans community.