Mindfulness for Lawyers

Mindfulness offers presence and clarity in the typically cluttered and overwhelmed mind of a lawyer. Mindful lawyers lead a less stressed life in the office, in court, and at home, resulting in a more professional lawyer. Keith Werhan will discuss mindfulness and professionalism with a focus on strategies to help become a balanced and more successful lawyer.

Keith Werhan, Ashton Phelps Chair of Constitutional Law at Tulane University Law School

kwerhanKeith Werhan specializes in constitutional law, particularly the First Amendment, and in administrative law. His courses have long been popular with students. Graduating classes chose him to receive the Felix Frankfurter Distinguished Teaching Award, Tulane Law School’s highest teaching honor, in 1995, 2006 and 2012. He also was Professor of the Year in 1982-83 at Western New England College of Law.
Early in his career, Werhan practiced at Winston & Strawn in Washington, D.C., then handled civil litigation at the U.S. Justice Department for four years. He joined Tulane Law School in 1989 and served as Vice Dean in 1995-98.
Werhan has written about administrative law, federal jurisdiction and the Constitution, including the speech and religion clauses. His most recent article, “Regulatory federalism, shaken not stirred,” analyzes the U.S. Supreme Court’s 2013 rulings on Arizona’s immigration restrictions and on the Affordable Care Act.
Werhan is the author of Freedom of Speech (Praeger Press, 2004) and Principles of Administrative Law (Thomson/West 2007). His latest book, comparing the U.S. Constitution and classical Athenian democracy, is under contract with Oxford University Press.