Mindfulness & Professionalism

Mindfulness offers the clarity to find peace in a turbulent world. Through meditations focused on being present, mindful lawyers can develop a more thoughtful legal practice at the office, in court, and at home. This panel will provide mindfulness and professionalism resources for becoming a more balanced and more effective lawyer.

  • Professor Keith Werhan,  Ashton Phelps Chair of Constitutional Law at Tulane University Law School

KeithWerhan800Keith Werhan specializes in constitutional law, particularly the First Amendment, and in administrative law. His courses have long been popular with students. Graduating classes chose him to receive the Felix Frankfurter Distinguished Teaching Award, Tulane Law School’s highest teaching honor, in 1995, 2006 and 2012. He also was Professor of the Year in 1982-83 at Western New England College of Law.