The Sage Grouse Plan

Feb. 19, 10:30 am Weinmann Hall, Room 251

The Department of the Interior recently announced the most ambitious species protection plan in history, and deferred listing the Greater Sage Grouse under the Endangered Species Act. Proponents of this decision argue that a multi-state, multi-disciplinary conservation effort successfully demonstrates that threatened species can be saved without employing the ESA. Critics caution that although these efforts may be partially successful, the species will continue to need the ESA protections. Policy makers should not rely on this example to reduce the protections of the ESA. Panelists will discuss both arguments.

This panel is sponsored by SmithStagg, LLC!

CLE Materials: Parks Presentation

Randi Spivak, Director, Public Lands Program, Center for Biological Diversity

Randi Spivak oversees the Center’s Public Lands program, working to ensure that the country’s wild places are managed for the benefit of species and ecosystems in a warming climate. Before coming to the Center, she was vice president for policy and government affairs for the Geos Institute; she also served as executive director of the American Lands Alliance, where she helped unify the forest-protection community around specific conservation positions to educate U.S. policymakers. She has extensive experience in public lands policy and advocacy. Randi got her B.A. in advertising and marketing at Boston University.


Tripp Parks, Policy Analyst, Western Energy Alliance

Tripp joined the Western Energy Alliance team in March 2015. Before joining the Alliance, Tripp worked for more than seven years as an aide to U.S. Senator Tom Coburn, M.D. in several roles, most recently serving as Counsel and Legislative Assistant on energy issues. In this position he gained pertinent experience on issues relating to public and tribal lands, as well as the endangered species listing process and other wildlife topics. Tripp holds a B.A. in Political Science and Policy Studies from Rice University and a J.D. from the University of Virginia School of Law.



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