The Louisiana Industrial Tax Exemption Program

The Louisiana Industrial Tax Exemption Program offers an ad valorem tax exemption for industrial facilities in the state. It also diverts significant resources from local communities and schools. In light of the Governor’s executive orders addressing the program, this panel will touch on the ITEP’s most recent developments and the conflict between incentivizing industrial growth at the expense of community health.

  • Jim Patterson, LABI

As the vice president of Government Relations, Jim is responsible for overseeing and coordinating the day-to-day activities of LABI’s lobbying team at the Capitol. jim-patterson1He directs the Taxation and Finance and the Employee Relations Councils, and is also the Executive Director of the Louisiana Right-to-Work Committee.






  • Broderick Bagert, Together Louisiana



  • Joel Waltzer, Waltzer Wiygul & Garside

Joel Waltzer is a partner in the firm and has focused his practice for the past twenty years on litigating cases for those who have sought justice, but in many instances, could not represent themselves or find a lawyer that would take their case to heart. Joel is also a large advocate of embracing new technology, as you will likely find him challenging the engineering of his Tesla to see what the latest upgrades will get you in terms of speed, or how long the battery will last when pushing the limits of man and machine.Joel-Waltzer-1